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Parties often arrive at a mediation with a firm view of their positions, but it is very rarely the case that one party “wins” a mediation. To reach a resolution, all parties must be willing to consider factual and legal arguments that attack their positions and the possibility that their positions might not prevail in a trial.

As a mediator, Mr. Hawash focuses not only on each party’s stated, often entrenched, positions but also on each party’s core needs, goals, and concerns.

Through understanding the full picture from the perspective of each party, Mr. Hawash is able to help the parties in a mediation identify a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.  This process sometimes results in creative solutions that the parties did not contemplate prior to mediation.

Mr. Hawash believes that a mediation should occur in an environment that is conducive to relaxed concentration.  Meditations with Mr. Hawash occur in the beautiful offices located at The Clocktower Building on Allen Parkway and the delicious lunches at these mediations are provided by La Griglia or El Tiempo.

Mr. Hawash has over 25 years of experience as a litigator and trial attorney placing him in an ideal position to assist parties in finding a resolution to their dispute.

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